• Emily’s touch instantly calms and centres me and I feel secure and listened to. She has great depth and focus with a natural ability to heal.

  • Emily brings a wonderful sense of peace and serenity to her practice. Over the past 2 years I have enjoyed regular treatments, each one sensitively tailored to my physical and mental needs from post-birth recovery and breastfeeding through to fertility, pregnancy and labour. Emily tunes into my body and instinctively knows what it needs. Each treatment leaves me with a better understanding of myself, and a greater appreciation of the art of shiatsu. I walk away from each session revitalized and relaxed and would and do recommend Emily to anyone.

  • I felt wonderfully relaxed afterwards with greatly improved freedom in those areas where I am stiff eg: hip, lower back and particularly my neck which I could barely turn. The advice on deportment is excellent and really helps my walking as I have issues with my hips and achilles.

  • When I came to Emily after years of suffering from Endometriosis with extremely painful periods, IBS and insomnia, I was sceptical about how much shiatsu could help. Now after two months of treatment I truely live a happier, pain-free life. It felt wondeful when after only two sessions I noticed my period pains were gone and sleep patterns much more regular. I started to feel the benefits of shiatsu right away. I believe shiatsu is a gentle, relaxing therapy that can really help to make amazing changes and bring a solution to many conditions. Thanks to Emily I feel more confident and supported.